Shooting tips

Shooting tips

Very quick tips for shooting. 

Most newer phones have amazing cameras. They have tons f settings on them for specific stuff. Learn how to use them and not only will you work photos get way better but so will you family photos. Really, anyone can look like an expert photographer if you learn how to use those automated settings in your camera.  That is what photography used to be. To know how to set up your camera for a given circumstance. Now, it is clicking a screen. 

Here are the top 3 things to shoot good images. 

  1. Wipe the lens with a soft cloth.
  2. Light is what makes a good photo. Sunlight is needed. Cloudy days mute colors. We can photoshop the right home though. 
  3. Look at the images we use on the site. We want straight on, squared up,  landscape format (phone on side) , steady head high image like a person is standing there themselves looking at it. 


For more in-depth here is a good article and video 

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