Referral Reward

$250 Referral Fee!!! Refer-a-friend

Making money by referrals

That’s right, at HPA if you refer a customer to us and they make a purchase,  you get a check in the mail for $250. Just for a referral!


Refer a friend $250 graphic

HPA is excited to extend our Customer Referral Bonus?

Do you enjoy the windows and doors purchased from HPA? Have you told your friends and family? How about your neighbors, do they know what our exclusive line of DuraShield energy-efficient impact windows and doors can do for them, too?  Have these people inquired about getting their own home done but, haven’t started the process?


If so, then take advantage of this exciting $250 Customer Referral Bonus offer.


If anyone you know is interested in having an free-no obligation appointment with HPA to learn about our exclusive products then fill out the form above. If your referral purchases our products then once the project is completed and paid-in-full, HPA will send you a check for $250. It is as easy as that!


To ensure that you get the credit for the referral, ensure that your referral tells the HPA technician at the time of sale and your information is recorded on the contract. Of course, we will record it on our end, too.



If you have a referral it is a good idea to make a note of their appointment with us. You can find that out by reaching out to them and asking.  It will usually be within just a couple days of making contact with us.


On the day of their appointment send them a little reminder text. Most people will tend to forget a small detail like this. 

Or, you can fill in this form if you have all the information and we can take it from there. You will receive a confirmation to know we are working on your referral. 

    Referrer Information (Person submitting the referral)

    Referee (Person that needs windows)