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Energy Efficient Windows

SMART Window Remodeling for Florida Homeowners


Are you in the market to upgrade your windows and energy efficiency is a top priority? Look no further. Our windows with their low-e coating and triple seals prevent the sun’s damaging rays and air and water from entering your home. Saving both your possessions from damage and keeping your climate control from working overtime. 

What are energy efficient widows? 

Energy efficient windows are windows that have special features that block the sun’s bad rays while still allowing the visible light through so it lights hour homes and brightens our days. They are also very rigid and strong so that when installed properly, they stay sealed and prevent leaks and gaps that allow air and water to pernitrate your walls and home.  Finally, they have very extensive seals and sealing systems for each panel of glass that prevent your climate controlled air from escaping. 


Low-E Coating

Our Low-E Coating is a special material applied to the glass that effects the transference of different wavelengths of light.


Infrared Light

Remember in science class ROYGBIV? The colors to the light spectrum? Well, if you remember infrared light is light that you can’t see with your eyes but it is the wavelength of light that carries heat. Heat that if not blocked enters right into your home through your windows. Do you have pets that like to lie in the sun? It warms their bodies. 


It also warms your home. There is a tremendous amount of heat that comes in through unprotected glass. Many of our customers save about 40% on their electric bills after we install new windows. You simply will not believe the quality of our coating and the results you experience. 


Ultraviolet Light

The other important wavelength of light is UV. We’ve heard a lot about it for the last 10 or 15 years relating to sun burns and SPF protection for our skin. The sun also damages your curtains, carpets, furniture even wood floors if it is allowed to shine on them without any protection. 


Our Low-e coating also blocks UV light. This protects your belongings from being bleached and damaged by the sun. Making your carpets, drapes and anything else in your windows last much longer. 


Modern Construction 

If you have old, single pane windows in your home chances are they are leaking your climate controlled air right out in gaps and cracks in the seals. Do you have any places that you can feel air moving on windy days? That is your money going literally right out the window. 

Not only are new windows much more rigid than old windows but the frames themselves are welded with new technology that didn’t even exist when your home was built. This makes them super strong. Old windows were just made to fill a hole with glass to let light in. That technology is over 100 years old. New windows are made to protect your home and belongings while allowing light in and an unobstructed view out. 


The way our new windows are constructed is so much better that it isn’t even fair to compare the two. Many of the old single pane windows in Florida are the aluminum frame, single pane windows. They were installed when your home was built and sealed at that time. Over the years, decades that seal breaks down and needs to be replaced. How many homeowners in Florida do that? 

Our new windows have multiple seals, not just one. They interlock and are sealed with a long lasting seal. 



New windows are double and triple paned glass. At a minimum you want double pane glass that includes an sir space barrier. That space is filled with an inert gas. Inert gasses don’t interact much at all so they don’t transfer heat and cold all that well. That makes the space between the glass panes an insulator. 

The triple pane comes in if you opt to go with impact resistant windows. The outer layer of glass is actually 2 panes of glass fused together with a super strong, invisible laminate. This laminate prevents penetration into your home even if the glass is broken. So if you are in a storm flying debris won’t get in. Or, you don’t have to worry about break-ins. If you can’t break the window or smash the frame that eliminates how most criminal enter. 

An added benefit of all this insulation is the peace and quiet it provides. The double or triple pane glass makes a huge difference. But the big difference is all the seals. The windows being properly seals to the house and the windows themselves sealing closed. You literally lock out the world when you close up your home. You won’t believe the difference until you experience it. 


When remodeling in most places in Florida, impact protection is required. You can choose impact-resistant windows or double pane windows with a protective shield. This is a more economical way to meet building codes that require impact protection. It is a custom fit, rip-stop fabric that prevents objects from smashing through into the home.  Our windows shields are Code-certified to provide complete confidence.


Having a secure home is important for many reasons and addressing the weakest link is the obvious choice. But there are many additional benefits to using quality products like Home Performance Alliance non-impact windows.

  • Free Consultation
  • Low monthly payments
  • Lowers Energy Bills
  • Protects from flying debris (when shields installed)
  • Protects from sun bleaching furniture and belongings
  • Increases the value of your investment
  • Lowers your energy bill
  • Increases curb appeal
  • Provides peace and quiet

You get all of these benefits when you use high quality materials and have high quality products and installation like we offer at Home Performance Alliance. We’ve been doing this in Florida since all the major building code changes in 2011. This is what we do. 

Make Your Home More ENergy Efficient with quality windows from HPA

If your project isn’t a grand enough scale to include impact resistant windows there are still many benefits of our state of the art windows with shield coverings:

  • See through design
  • Re-enforced edging
  • Re-enforced grommets
  • Stainless steel hardware


Beyond the protection window shields add is the see through design. One of the drawbacks to most shuttered window coverings is they are solid material products and block your view. This can cause extreme discomfort during high wind when you hear all the sounds but can’t see what is going on. 


Find out if you live in an impact zone today and discover how we can protect your home with high performance, impact windows.

Protect your family. Protect your investment.

non-Impact Resistant REPLACEMENT Windows

Quality is the difference

Durashield non-impact resistant windows are one of the most secure and energy-efficient windows on the market next to our impact-resistant. This style of window is for the more budget minded consumer where the added expense of having the full impact protection built into the the glass is more expensive than the project calls for. 

For these applications we offer our non-impact windows that still have many of the features our impact resistant windows have but do not have the laminate in the layers of glass.

Here are the important features in our non-impact windows:

      • Low-E Glass meaning they help your home comfortable by eliminating extraneous heat or cold.
      • Non-impact windows have 2 panes of sealed glass for insulation. 
      • Between the 2 panes there is an inert gas filling the space, usually argon or krypton for insulating properties.
      • The frames are the same, durable, super well constructed frames made of virgin vinyl with multiple seals. 
  1. If you still have the original, single pane windows in your home you just will not believe the difference this technology makes. The windows can be nearly as rigid and strong as the walls of your home and provide remarkable peace and quiet. But what you will really notice if your first, full months utility bill once they are installed!



Another important factor in installing new windows is how much they reduce the energy consumption in your home. Usually older windows do not seal when closed allowing air to pass through. Quite often the home has settled and the frames can have gaps allowing air and moisture into the walls. This often breeds mold and mildew in our warm climate here in Florida. That promotes the wood to rot meaning expensive repairs. 

Finally, last but not least, is the energy efficiency that new glass offers. It isn’t just plain old, clear glass like past generations installed. Now the glass is treated for three energy efficient measurements. 

  • U-Factor – this is the measure of non-solar heat transfer, meaning your climate controlled air escaping through the frame. 
  • SHGC is the measurement of the amount of radiant heat that transfers through the glass.
  • R-value is the common measurement of a materials insulating ability. 

They are energy efficient, effectively saving you money on energy costs while reducing your carbon footprint. We load the DuraShield window with weather barriers that go far beyond the industry standard. Built-in airlocks, weather stripping, and Low-E glass keep outside air from forcing it way inside your home—particularly during violent storms.

We encourage you to schedule a demo today and see for yourself the quality and construction that goes into our windows.

SolarShield double Layer Glass

The most vulnerable part of your window is, of course, the glass. That is why we use double layer protection. 


Double Pane – Double pane glass has been around for years providing comfort and energy savings. Our windows are filled with inert Argon gas that is heavier than air and improves the thermal insulation of the window.


Low-E Coating – We all enjoy sunlit rooms but with the light comes ultraviolent rays and radiant heat. UV rays fade and damage floors, furnishings, and drapes. Radiant heat increases thermal energy in your home meaning your AC has to work harder. Three layers of Low-E  effectively keeps harmful rays out while keeping cooler air in.

Showing double pane window frames from HPA

Impact Zones require Storm Shields

If you live in an impact zone (check the map here) you are required to have some form of impact protection on your home if you remodel. 


Many of us shelter in place in our homes during storms and hurricanes. Whatever the reasons, keep your family safe in your home with our hurricane shields. They are super easy to install and remove. They also provide you with the ability to still see out of your windows that can provide a great sense of relief. Hearing all the chaos that goes on during storms can be very unsettling. Being able to at least see what has gone on can bring some comfort.


In all storms, even with our best storm protection, you should stay away from windows. Flying debris can come crashing through walls let alone windows. During storms, find a safe place to take cover and wait until winds die down.here

Many styles and fits to choose from to fit your home.

Specialty Window Shapes


HPA windows provide a sense of comfort you may not have known existed if you were unaware windows of this quality were available. Normally, you don’t think how inefficient and weak your current windows are until something goes wrong. Then you learn a hard lesson that can be quite expensive.

HPA Quality of Life couple

Think about it. Sometimes we don’t consider how vulnerable our windows can make our home. Builder-grade windows are meant to provide a low cost, quick solution for the builder, not secure your home against break-ins or severe storms.

Steps to your new peace of mind

Step 1: Stress-free consultation

Our experts come to you and explain everything clearly and completely to help you make the right choice for your home. You receive a FREE, no obligation, estimate good for one year.

Step 2: Custom Manufacturing

We do not use one size fits all, mass produced, low quality windows. Every single one of our windows is custom made specifically for your home. We don't use shortcuts.

Step 3: Custom Installation

Because each window is custom manufactured, our installation experts take the time and care to make sure it fits perfectly, looks great and protects your home.

Step 4: Customer Support

With our Double Lifetime Warranty, we will be there for you or the next owner of your home for as long as you or they own it. Our warranty is transferable to increase the value of your investment.

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One of the key things that separate HPA from our competition is our installation team. We use our own crews, never sub-contractors. Your job is done by one company – HPA.


Be at ease while we handle the entire remodeling process from start to finish. We work diligently to keep your project running smoothly and keep you apprised every step of the way. We’ve been installing windows in Florida longer than most companies have been around. That is why you are getting the best products with the best services in the industry. We are so confident that we back our products and installation with a DOUBLE LIFETIME WARRANTY

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What Makes Us The Right Choice For Your Home?


We opened our doors in 2011 but our team arrives at each job with over 35 years of combined industry experience under their belt.


HPA started right here in Florida so we know how to combat the local climate. Our goal is to improve lives in our communities with high-quality windows and doors.


We offer only the best products to help you get the most out of your project. Our product line features top brands like DuraShield and Advisar.


Our windows and doors won’t simply make your home look great; they also improve energy efficiency, keeping your interior comfortable and your energy bills low.