Best Investment for New Homeowners

Best Investment for New Homeowners

If you’ve bought a home in the past year or two it is all still pretty new. But you might be wondering what is the best thing you can do to improve your home. 

It all depends. If everything is in pretty good shape from your home inspection when you bought it then you need to look at the parts that make up your home and see what you can upgrade to get the most benefit. 

There is one thing you can do that will have more impact than anything else. 

If your home still has single pane windows, or Florida windows – Upgrading your windows to impact-resistant windows is the single best investment you can make in your home.

If you still have single pane windows, they are the most vulnerable part of your home. By upgrading your windows the list of benefits is long. The technology of single pane windows is over 100 years old. In the last 20 years science has improved windows so much that they can protect your home from many elements, even from break-ins. 


Our DuraShield Impact Resistant Windows have a laminated glass technology that binds 2 layers of glass and a super strong laminate in between.  This prevents the window from being broken in. The glass will break, but the strong laminate layer will not allow penetration into the home. Whether it is from flying debris in a storm or from an attempted break-in, your home and family will be safe. 

Energy Efficiency

If you remember from science class the spectrum of light ROYGBIV. The infrared light, invisible to human eyes, is what carries heat. Our low-e coating blocks Infrared rays lowering the temperature in your home. Preventing this additional heat from entering your home means your air conditioning runs considerably less. Lowering your electric bill.

Protection from UV

The other end of the light spectrum is ultraviolet. We can’t see that either but that is the light that not only gives us sun burns but is the wavelength of light that bleaches out carpets, wood, drapes, furniture, you name it.  Our special coating blocks UV rays as well. This prevents premature ageing of your possessions.  

Peace & Quiet

You don’t realize how much noise single pane windows allows into your home until you make the change. Ask any of our customers how much of a difference it makes. It is like when you close your doors and windows you are shutting out the outside world. The sounds and smells are locked out and you are closed in your quiet sanctuary. 

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