35+ Years of Industry Experience

Our Team – HPA may have started in 2011, but out team we’ve assembled has over 35 years of combined industry experience. Our installers continuously receive high ratings because above all, we are a service company.


From our canvassers to the crew member on a job site, every HPA employee now goes through extensive training. In the not too distant past HPA went though some significant growing pains. This started just prior to the pandemic. To be honest, we fell short of our own expectations. So we began to retool every aspect of the process, just as the pandemic struck.


As we all know, finding new staff since the pandemic started is a challenge for everyone. We are no different. But trust us when we say that we take seriously every issue out customers have and we are growing to meet the demand as fast as we can. 

HPA Crew worker

We offer the highest quality products

Our Products – The DuraShield windows are build to the highest standards in the industry in every fact of construction. There are no corners cut. We product the highest quality impact-resistant windows available. 

In the most simple terms, HPA offers some of the best impact-replacement windows in the industry. We don’t cut corners and we don’t offer low grade junk. We designed our windows with the idea of keeping you and  your family safe. Period. That is the goal we set. 

If you schedule an appointment with us and if you are not thoroughly impressed by our windows

  • Impact-resistance
  • Low energy transmission
  • Low UV transmission
  • Sound buffer

Then you simply have not shopped around and learned enough about windows. You can do that or, just call us for a quote and stop the nonsense. 

HPA Window construction

Florida is our home

Local  – Florida has very specific needs and HPA was started in Florida to meet those needs. After hurricane Andrew in 1992 Southwest Florida stared to modify it’s building codes to be the most stringent in the nation. As these new regulations came on board new products had to be developed to meet these needs. 


If you’re in a zone that has been designated an impact zone, meaning that it is likely flying debris will be a factor in a storm, you are required to have impact-resistant windows installed if you ever replace your windows. Meaning pretty much everyone with a mile of the coastline.


In 2005 when hurricane Katrina devastated SWFL after the stricter codes were put in place it was obvious that new, even stricter codes needed to be enacted. This is when impact-resistant windows become necessary based on the potential of wind borne debris damage. 

The reasoning is simple. Glass is the most vulnerable point in construction. Flying debris is a given in any wind event. It can be a branch from a tree or a chair from a neighbor down the street. It just needs to hit your window with enough force to smash it and that isn’t much. Then the wind and rain can get in. The rain seems like the worst if it but it isn’t. The wind enters in and begins to pressurize your home like blowing up a balloon. If you get enough air forced into the window other parts of the home fail. The worst is the roof being blown off. 


That is what brought about Home Performance Alliance. To meet the need of home owners wanting or needing to upgrade their windows to meet the new industry standards.


But HPA didn’t want to just provide the same, bare minimum, standard windows that everyone else was. So we set about working with our manufacturers to build the most secure, energy efficient and beautiful windows on the market. Sounds silly to call windows beautiful but when you see the look that quality products provide, the difference is obvious. 

Florida wind rating graphic
Wind pressure graphic