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Florida's Best Home Remodeling Company for IMPACT-RESISTANT Windows

HPA is not a huge national or international company that opened a branch in Florida. We are a Florida based company with Florida employees, your friends and neighbors. We’ve been providing quality impact-resistant widow & door remodeling services since 2011. At that time we started in the greater Tampa Bay area but we’ve expanded to include our neighbors to the south in Sarasota and then Ft Myers and now along the I-4 Corridor and up the northeast coast of Florida in the greater Jacksonville area. 


If you’re in the market for the highest quality impact-resistant windows and doors you will not find a higher quality product on the market and our service is always rated five stars. Because we are right in your community. 



At HPA we offer our “No Regrets Remodeling” meaning that you will not spend one dime more than necessary on your project. We walk you through the entire process and answer every question. We will work tirelessly until you are 100% satisfied. 
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Find out if you live in an impact zone today, and discover how we can protect your home with high-performance impact windows.

Protect your family. Protect your investment.


Florida impact resistant hurricane windows

Windows are the most vulnerable part of your home. They are holes in your walls filled with fragile glass. One of our daily thunderstorms during the summer is enough to send debris flying through a window. Or, they are the easiest point of entry for someone trying to break in.

Securing your home is important for many reasons and addressing the most vulnerable part is the obvious choice. But there are many benefits to choosing DuraShield products.

  • Keeps your family secure
  • Protects against break-ins
  • Protects from flying debris
  • Increases the value of your investment
  • Lowers your energy bill
  • Increases curb appeal
  • Provides peace and quiet

Making the most vulnerable part of your home  the most secure is what we do at HPA. Hurricanes are matter of fact living in Florida. It isn’t a matter of “if” severe weather will hit, it is a question of when. The most vulnerable part of your home is your windows – period. If you do not have impact resistant windows you are leaving your home – your family, vulnerable to flying objects or even break-ins. 

Limited Time Offers

Savvy shoppers always want to know where the deals are. Here are our current offers.

No Payments – no interest for 24 months Looking for a way to offset paying on your window installation upgrade? Home Performance Alliance is offering delayed payments and int

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Instant Rebate  When you live in Florida, storm prep is a fact of life, and the right windows and doors go a long way towards protecting your home. Home Performance Alliance m


Hurricane-Ready IMPACT-RESISTANT Window Installation

We install the highest quality impact-resistant windows in Florida. There are no higher standards in the industry for quality and craftsmanship. 

Consistently rated 5 stars, our onsite technicians are what make HPA the right choice.  

The HPA Difference 

It’s not just the window quality, but the installation, that ensures your home’s protection and energy efficiency. And this is a point of pride for us. Not only do we offer a superior window but the people and products we use are second to none. A winning combination that makes certain you have the best customer experience possible.


We have our own installation team, no subcontractors. Our team is licensed bonded, insured and specifically trained to install DuraShield windows.

Are We the Right Fit For Your Project?

Residential Homes Only

Do you have a commercial building or mobile home that needs windows? Those are not the type of projects we undertake. 

Minimum Size of Project

We limit the size of the jobs we take on. Here are your minimums:

  • 5 Windows
  • 3 windows + Entry Door
  • 3 windows + Sliding Glass Door
  • 1 Entry Door
  • 1 Siding Glass Door
  • If you are a previous customer we will take on any job no matter the scale.
Types Jobs We Do Not Do

No Condominiums over the 3rd Floor

No Historically Designated homes

No Repairs - Except on our own work.

No New Construction 

What Makes Us The Right Choice For Your Home?


Though we opened our doors back in 2011, our team comes to each job with over 35 years of combined industry experience under their belt.


HPA started right here in Florida, so we know how to combat the local climate. Our goal is to improve lives in our communities with high-quality windows and doors.


We offer only the best products to help you get the most out of your project. Our product line features top brands like DuraShield, Advisar, and Tyvarian.


Our windows and doors won’t simply make your home look great; they will also improve energy efficiency, keeping your interior comfortable and your energy bills low.

About HPA And Our Exclusive Products


Home Performance Alliance is a local window and door installer serving the St. Petersburg, Fort Myers, and Jacksonville areas, as well as a bathroom remodeler serving the Tampa Bay area. Since we first opened our doors in 2011, we have become an ENERGY STAR Partner and GuildQuality Member. Additionally, we’ve earned an AA rating with the Business Consumer Alliance!


Our factory-certified experts offer both impact and non-impact windows, as well as replacement exterior doors and bathroom products. Our goal is to provide the very best products and to ensure a hassle-free installation every time.

Client Experiences

There is no better judge than people with actual experience. Hear what our customers have to say.